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Recent work added to Portfolio.

  • Commercial roofing job Burden Funeral Home

    Burden Funeral Home, Jackson

    The folks over at Burden & Son Funeral Home over on E. Michigan Ave. contacted us to install a new roof on their main building as well as their garage which was located behind the main facility. We delivered this in September of 2013.

  • commercial roofing job jackson mi

    St. Vincent de Paul, Jackson

    We were privileged this year to be contacted by this great local business that does so much for the community about doing the roof on their E. Michigan Ave. facility. As always, we delivered a high quality, long lasting roof and the customer was satisfied.

  • Grove St. Residential Home

    We drove out to Parma recently for this roofing job on a residential home. As always, we took all precautions necessary to protect the customer’s home while we installed their new roof.

  • Small cottage roofing job

    This little cottage in Clark Lake, Michigan had a grand total of seven layers of shingles that we had to remove prior to installing a brand new roof.

  • small roofing job in Lansing, MI

    Small residential home

    This little house in Lansing was completed 2013. We replaced all the shingles and gave that roof new life.

  • jackson mi bloomfield blvd house

    Bloomfield Boulevard Roof

    September, 2013 – This customer contacted us because they were experiencing leaks in their roof. We were able install brand new shingles on just the front side of the house, matching the existing shingles resulting in significant savings for the homeowner.

  • N. Wisner St., Jackson

    This two story house on N. Wisner in Jackson, MI was another fun project we were able to complete.

  • Wildemere St., Mason

    This beautiful home in Mason, MI needed our attention and we got the job done. Brand new roof and happy customers as usual.  

  • Gilbert St., Jackson

    We got called in for this basic residential roof job over on Gilbert St. in Jackson and pulled off another win.

  • Orange St., Jackson

    Right over on Elm St. in Jackson, MI we did this residential roof a while ago.

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  • We carefully protect your home while we install your new roof

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  • Your satisfaction is our top priority

    Many roofers seek to be the fastest or the cheapest or to offer the widest variety of services. At Mullins Roofing, we place our focus on customer satisfaction. We want nothing more than for you to be happy you called us. But here’s the best part: We still routinely amaze customers with how quickly we complete our tasks. We always offer prices well below the competition. We offer all the home improvement services you may need. So what are you waiting for? Give us a call today!
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